the mixed-gender
sports experience


A unique football experience you will never forget! Enter the world of the mixed-gender indoors football. Join a team or create your own!


Too cool to warm up? Join our training sessions with professional coaches that will help you achieve your racing goals and optimise your fitness!


Smash it in style! Whatever your level, join one of our weekly badminton sessions. You can try trick shots or drop shots, but above all it’s about having fun!

About Us

Since 2008, HEBE develops multiple sports activities where men and women are on the same team.

The Hêbê board consists of 3 members, elected by Hêbê’s General Assembly which is made of some of our members and volunteers. The General Assembly meets at least once a year to approve Hêbê’s accounts, elect new board members and endorse a new budget and activity plan for the year ahead.

David GaRLOT

Founder & President


Secretary General




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Interested in knowing more about Hêbê? Want to join one of our projects? Contact us and we’ll get in touch!

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