The Team

What we do?

Brussels hosts the biggest and most varied European community in the world. Attracted by the opportunities generated by the many institutions and organisations, young professionals come to Brussels as trainees with the desire to experience a truly European way of life

In 2008, Hêbê was created as a continuation of the fun and interesting activities that we had taken part in during our traineeships. Many of us stuck around in Brussels but were no longer participating in those different activities that were on offer during our traineeships. With this in mind, we became a project based network to bring people together in fun and interesting ways!

To do this, Hêbê stimulates the generation of ideas and supports their implementation by providing a legal framework, a financial incentive, communication support and an established network of volunteers.

In the last 8 years, Hêbê has established itself as an important project platform for expats in Brussels, with a network of over 1500 people. The association currently runs a football league (with 46 teams and almost 700 players), a theatre group (with 6 performances already), and a newly created running project for avid runners, a digital communication workshop as well as regular ‘Greets‘ with our partners at Brussels Greeters. Hêbê also organizes and promotes various events and activities throughout the year!

In 2016, Hêbê intends to keep growing with new and promising projects, an increasing network of Hêbê volunteers and active sponsors. The exciting mix of background, cultures, languages and people makes Brussels a great place to live and we plan to ensure everybody, from eurocrats to artists, locals to expats, make the most out of it!


Who we are?

Just like Brussels, the Hêbê team is always changing. In March 2008, it was founded by 5 individuals and being in such a dynamic city, the board has changed and evolved over time. At the moment, the Hêbê board consists of 6 members and we meet every few months (but keep in regular contact thanks to modern technology) to discuss upcoming events, new and current projects, partnerships, communication, budget and anything else we fancy.

The Hêbê board is elected by Hêbê’s General Assembly which is made of some of our members and volunteers. The General Assembly meets at least once a year to approve Hêbê’s accounts, elect new board members and endorse a new budget and activity plan for the year ahead.