28 Runners. 15 Nationalities. That’s Hêbê Cool Runnings.

A running club with a heart in the heart of Brussels, training and sweating every week, but always upbeat! This year we are running the Brussels 20km race, a landmark event in the Brussels landscape.

And we are proud to run for RANA  (Refugees Are Not Alone), a non-profit organisation whose objective is to help refugees and asylum seekers integrate into social and professional life in Belgium. This is achieved through individual support aimed at:
– facilitating their access to education, employment, housing and learning the languages spoken in Belgium;
– enabling refugees to meet others in their situation as well as people already living in Belgium (through art, culture, sports…).

We count on your support to reach our fundraising goal. Together we can make it, and with out great group of runners, we hope to reach new heights!

#HCR4RANA. 1 Goal. 2018 Brussels 20km.


Show your support here: https://www.gofundme.com/hcr4rana

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