#HCR4RANA with Paolo Sandri

Meet HCR Runner Paolo Sandri. Italy.


A funny anecdote:

People very often confuse my family name with my first name and call me Sandro…which, by the way, is the first name of my father! I wonder how I do not have identity crisis…

My favourite expression:

Tajate i cavei e va lavorar!” – “get your hair cut and go working!”. Quite a strong traditional (in my region) invitation to not take care too much about your aspect, or other less important things, and to focus on what is really worth your energies and strength.

My favourite athlete:

Nowadays, there are so many extraordinary athletes that one full page would not be enough to list the half of them. One is worth to be mentioned: Sébastien Bellin, survivor of the 22/03 terrorist attack at Brussels Airport. He lost part of his left leg. Nevertheless, he completed the Antwerp 10 Miles just last week. This is courage and force!

My objective for this Brussels 20km:

Be a finisher with possibly more fun than effort!


HCR Runner Paolo Sandri is running for RANA (Refugees Are Not Alone) to support the integration of refugees in Belgium. Show your support here: https://www.gofundme.com/hcr4rana

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