#HCR4RANA with Julien Castrie

Meet HCR Runner Julien Castrie. France.


A funny anecdote:

For Berlin Marathon 2012, I had to fly from NYC, where I resided at the time, to Berlin. I missed my booked flight because I got confuses with the time (16:00 is 4pm, and you think it is 2pm when it is really 4pm). I realized my mistake on my way to JFK airport and arrived after the check-in closed. Since I had told everyone around me that I was about to run the marathon, I did not imagine going back home and to have to confess my humiliating mistake. So I looked for the next departing flight that could get me to my destination. It was a pain in the ass for my savings but it felt also kind of a James Bond moment to be in the airport heading to an airline counter and ask: “get me on the next flight to Berlin (… it is a matter of personal pride)”.

My favourite expression:

Carrément! = definitely! I use it constantly. It sounds as positive as it means it.

My favourite athlete:

Tony Parker. Likely because he is a Frenchman, and managed to impose himself and be successful with no significant physical advantages in a sport where having physical advantages can really ease the way to success. If I had been Spanish I would have picked Juan Carlos Navarro for the same reasons.

My objective for this Brussels 20km:



HCR Runner Julien Castrie is running for RANA (Refugees Are Not Alone) to support the integration of refugees in Belgium. Show your support here: https://www.gofundme.com/hcr4rana

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