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My name is Alexander, I’m German and 28 years old. I work at BP and have been living in Brussels since 2011 (time flies…). Fun fact: my favourite food is Dim Sum – I wish I could have it every day. 

1) What’s your favourite park to run in Brussels and why?

Forêt de Soignes is great but I rarely manage to go there. I love Parc Cinquantenaire though it feels like a hamster wheel at times. But hey, it’s just around the corner and offers me a great place to run every day. Bois de la Cambre is also great.

2) What’s your motivation when your legs hurt to continue training?

I know from experience how great that feeling is at the end when you’ve worked hard to achieve a goal. That moment you cross the finish line – whether it’s a 10k or marathon, running or something else in life – is just unforgettable. It really keeps me going.

3) What’s needed to have a thriving social community in a city (such as Hêbê)?

Passion. If you are passionate, you’ll thrive at whatever you’re doing. And this will inspire others.

4) Why have you decided to run for the Red Cross?

I used to be a lifeguard (DLRG in Germany, for those who know it) so it feels natural to support an organisation like the Belgian Red Cross. And it’s really easy to combine something I’m passionate about (running) with a good cause. So why not just do it!

I’ll run 20km in Brussels on 28 May and I need your support for the Red Cross activities:

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