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My name is Ela, I’m almost 32, and I’ve been in Brussels for a few years now with a two-year long break spent in the steppes of Central Asia. Travelling might be my most favourite thing in the world. And if I’m not travelling, I’m testing the exotic recipes on friends and planning my next trips. The ideas for the near future are hiking in Nepal and coffee in Ethiopia.

1) What’s your favourite park to run in Brussels and why?
I really like to run in the Forêt de Soignes. It gives a sense of escaping the city for a bit plus it has three great marked running trails of 5,10 and 20km to choose from depening on how fit you feel on the day.

2) What’s your motivation when your legs hurt to continue training?
I’m thinking about how good and accomplished I will feel afterwards. And my next travels, of course. It is always a great distraction.

3) What’s needed to have a thriving social community in a city (such as Hêbê)?
Group activities – like a running or hiking club – are great because they bring people together. Generally outdoor sports are a cool way to connect with those that share your passion for staying active and doing things together.

4) Why have you decided to run for the Red Cross?
Because it seemed like a really fun thing to do!

I’ll run 20km in Brussels on 28 May and I need your support for the Red Cross activities:

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