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Hi! My name is Jelena Tijana Novosel, I’m 34 years years old, I work at the European Parliament and I’ve been living in Brussels for 6 and a half years. A fun fact about me is that I have a beautiful little pet -rabbit- which eats apples instead of carrots 🙂

I will NEVER say NO 2:  Japo food and Cuban salsa party!
And if you manage to pronounce my name correctly, you will definitely surprise me! 😉

1) What’s your favourite park to run in Brussels and why?

I always run in a park Cinquantenaire, simply because it’s one minute away from my house.

2) What’s your motivation when your legs hurt to continue training?

Even if I feel some pain during my trainings, I try to visualise the happy end of it 🙂 and great feeling of satisfaction which follows once it’s done.

3) What’s needed to have a thriving social community in a city (such as Hêbê)?

What is needed to have a thriving social community is highly motivated management + open minded people = HEBE! 🙂

4) Why have you decided to run for the Red Cross?

I decided to run for the Red Cross because it is a great organisation to be represented and a great occasion to do that!  Small thing for me to do but maybe a big for someone that really needs a help.

I’ll run 20km in Brussels on 28 May and I need your support for the Red Cross activities:

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