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Hi! My name is Javier Suárez Mier, I’m 37 years old, I work at a chemical company in Mechelen and I’ve been living in Brussels for 10 years. A fun fact about me is that my favourite dish is a tortilla with sardines from Asturias (my region in Spain). I also really like to expand on my arguments (see below).

1) What’s your favourite park to run in Brussels and why?

My favourite park in Brussels is Parc Woluwe.

Why? While it is still reasonably near and easy to reach from city center, it is a bit further than other parcs and it is huge! therefore you can enjoy some quietness and get lost in one of its routes! along the way you can also find some bars to exercise. Views are great! and you can run some kilometers without having to do laps like in other smaller parks in Brussels which is a plus for me!

Definitely the place to go to exercise when I have some extra time (to get there takes a bit longer than to Cinquantenaire  or Parc but it is worth!).

2) What’s your motivation when your legs hurt to continue training?

I always think how lucky I am to have the time, the motivation and the strength to go for a run! when you have a target (20k of Brussels for example!) it is even easier to overcome your weaknesses and go on! the fact of running in group help me also to overcome the pain…… shared pain is less pain!

3) What’s needed to have a thriving social community in a city (such as Hêbê)?

What is needed is compromise (sometimes there is a lack in such a city with so many options and opportunities….. it might get difficult to really compromise and give your efforts to something but it can afterwards be so rewarding!) and good organization. For the rest, Brussels offers it all: a bunch of people ready and open to meet new people, a city with a lot of opportunities…nice weather?

4) Why have you decided to run for the Red Cross?

I have been running since I was a kid and after a while you also want to take your running or any activity you do to “another level” meaning, trying to make it more meaningful for you and for other people. Running for an organization such us red cross will increase my motivation for this 20 km, will also involve my family and friends with me in a small project that for me it is important and will remove one of the things I do not like sometimes about athletics: individualism! I love team sports because I am convince 2 can always do more than one alone!

I’ll run 20km in Brussels on 28 May and I need your support for the Red Cross activities

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