Hêbê Cool Runnings Calendar

This year, our Hêbê Cool Runners will be taking part in a number of races across Belgium and Europe.

If you want to join in, or if you are running in a race that is not yet mentioned below, drop us a line at: running@hebe.eu and we will put you in touch with the right people.





Lead Cool Runner

 Dwaars door Dendermonde

 10km  19.03.2017  Dendermonde

 Cécile Schneider

 Décathlon des Crêtes de Spa

 10, 21, 55km  25.03.2017  Spa  Joanna Gentelet

 La Bouillonnante

 29km 22.04.2017  Bouillon

Joanna Gentelet

20 km de Bruxelles

20km  28.05.2017 Bruxelles Hêbê Cool Runnings
 Beer Lover Marathon  42km  04.06.2017  Liège  Guillaume Poullaouec

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