Hêbê League at one of its last turns

Last Sunday presented us with surprises across all divisions.


In Div 1, we had a lead position overthrown. Treehuggers gathered no more than 1 point in two games; Hangovers could not let this opportunity pass and not touch it. In a close-fight game, Treehuggers, 7/7 wins at that stage, succumbed to a defeat from Dinamo 1/7 wins at that moment. Goalfathers continued with another couple of wins and climbed up 3rd ; Sublime Porte also registered a pair of wins overcoming Einsteinians and Bananapbcoe. At the other end of the table, things look increasingly blurry. Hairy Canaries that lie just below the relegation line with 7 points is immediately followed by Dinamo and Spider Pigs having one point less; all of them look at taking their head out of the water, where Glorious Bastards stand now with 9 points! Half of the games were either draws or finished with a 1-goal difference win. Heart beats went bananas, in a romantic rainy Belgian evening in European School. Nothing changed with regard to goalscorers, as Paola Astegiano (Hangovers-20 goals) remained first female and Andrea Guglielmi (AS Soreta-14 goals) remained first male.


In Div 2, the derby between Brussels Sprouts and Atletico Belgique ended up with the former as deserved winners; however, Atletico Belgique still holds the first position on the goal difference and it is on them to keep it till the end. B United and Legislators complete the 4-pack of teams that are above the promotion line; just below, Los Chorizos Bionicos fell at the 5th place losing twice, in a catastrophic evening. At a moment that every point counts, Rapid Melting Pot escaped with their two first wins last Sunday and maintained their chances especially because Fig Puckers lost both their games and none of their immediate contenters followed in the same pattern. The schedule of this Sunday for the league is almost frighteningly attractive with big games coming up, such as B United – Piola libri, Atletico Belgique-Chorizos Bionicos or Rapid Melting Pot – Tropa de Elite!Andrea Ranaldo (Piolalibri-14 goals) and James Holland (Legislators-14 goals) share the first male goalscorer place, while Sarah Gronchon (Brussels Sprouts-14 goals) leads the one of the females.


In Division 3, things related to the first place seem to be clearer with Cyprus FC and Survival of the Fattest engaging in a close battle. Los Patos Hermanos also seem to hold a safe promotion position, but what happens at the 4th place which is the last to lead to Div 2, is beyond any imagination. 5 teams with equal points (Orcs in Black, Zlote Ptaki, Soloni FC, La Famiglia, Knackers) strive to get above one each other and this won’t end next Sunday. Out of them, only Soloni lost during the last matchday from Eurotrash, that recorded its second win this season! Orcs in Black will face Knackers in a possible do-or-die game while Survival of the fattest’s performance against Soloni and La Famiglia will impact both the title and promotion! Olivia Anton (Survival of the fattest-24 goals) and Mariem Hayouni (Northern lights-22 goals) remain at the top of the goalscoring table, as does Vlad Hosu who scored another 4 last Sunday and reached 16!


Three remaining Sundays, more than three games. No sweat, no glory.

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