Hêbê League XVI – Title and award winners

Hêbê Cup XVI is ongoing but Hêbê League XVI came to a close on 14 February, with love.

Title winners (full tables here):

Division 1: Sublime Porte
Division 2: Goalfathers
Division 3: Piolalibri
Best goalscorers of the season:
Division 1:
Ismail Bayrampasali (Sublime Porte – 26 goals),
Teslime Karahisarli (Sublime Porte – 22 goals)
Division 2:
Simion Dolha (Goalfathers – 18 goals),
Maria Gialama (Dinamo – 24 goals)
Division 3:
Laszlo Arendas/Andrea Ranaldo (FC FigPuckers/Piolalibri – 20 goals),
Marina Garcia (Warriors – 16 goals)

Best Player in Hebe League XVI nominees per category (the announcement of the winner took place at the awards ceremony on 26 February)

Division 1 (Males):
Ismail Bayrampasali (Sublime Porte)
Nacho Nuno (Bananapbcoe)
Sylvain Penouilh (Hangovers)
Division 1 (Females):
Hibo Ahmed Mohammed (Sublime Porte)
Isabel Baez (Santo Subito)
Petra Soderqvist (Hangovers)
Division 2 (Males):
Oscar Hermosilla (Casa del Mal)
James Holland (Legislators)
Ivan Nedzipovic (Dijver11)
Division 2 (Females):
Chiara de Battisti (Casa del Mal)
Wasana Singharach (Dijver11)
Maria Tejero Martin (Orcs in Black)
Division 3 (Males):
Czaba Balaszi (La Vie est Belge)
Ibai Jimenez (B United)
Xavier Wetz (Warriors)
Division 3 (Females):
Andromachi Bregkova (B United)
Laura Rodriguez (Warriors)
Fanny Tissier (Eurotrash FC)

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