How to become a Hêbê Project?

First of all, drop us a line and we’ll send you a form to fill in in.

In this document, you’ll need to include:

  • The purpose/aim of your project
  • Where you plan on doing it
  • Who is involved (names of project members and their roles)
  • A budget and timetable

This form is then sent to the Hêbê board who evaluate the proposal and then decide whether it can become a Hêbê Project or not (this sounds a lot more formal than it actually is 🙂 ).

What are the benefits of becoming a Hêbê Project? 

By becoming a Hêbê Project, you will be within the legal framework of our association. This will make is easier for you to negotiate with venues and sponsors when setting your project up. You’ll also benefit from our network of members and friends (more than 1500) who will receive information and invitations to your activities and from our network of volunteers who can support you in your activities (e.g. finding a place to rent, finding a sponsor, communication etc.) Those involved in Hêbê Projects are personally liable and legally responsible for that project. Each Hêbê Project has to appoint a treasurer who oversees all the financial transactions. We can offer financial incentives but this isn’t always a guarantee and varies from project to project. Last but not least, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance, if needed (e.g. for events).

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