Digital Nomads Workshop

A relative newcomer to the Hêbê world, the Digital Nomads Workshop is an experimental, hands-on training program held by Ciprian Begu, a Brussels –based digital communication coach. Two editions consisting of 4 workshops have already taken place. Come back soon to find out about the next edition but in the meantime, you’ll find more information below on the modules offered.

Module 1: Going Digital

What are digital communication tools good for? To answer that we will analyse real-life examples of various causes (NGOs, institutions, entrepreneurs, etc) using a variety of tools (email newsletters, Facebook pages, websites, etc) to advance their objectives. What are they trying to achieve and how are they using digital communications? Once we have our insights, we’ll use the Facebook audience breakdown tool and start answering the most important question for a digital communicator who wants to promote their cause: “Who exactly am I speaking to?”

Module 2: Social Media Strategies

What makes each social media channel uniquely useful? In this session, we’ll showcase the features of the main social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and others. We’ll take demonstrations of effective social media use, and then do practical exercises to cement what we learned. We’ll also go over the various pitfalls and faux-pas of social media etiquette, and, in the process, learn how to deal with the most feared creature of the Internet jungle: the common troll.

Module 3: Become a Great Content Curator

When you share something somebody else created you’re a content curator. Mastering content curation is a great way to increase your influence on digital channels without having to spend time creating posts. The curator gets out there in the Internet wilderness and brings back relevant things for their audience to read, watch, or listen to. In this session, we’ll learn through practical exercises how to put together a basic content strategy, where to find content, how to store it, and how to distribute it efficiently using scheduling tools.

Module 4: Creating Attractive Content

Content creation is at the heart of successful digital communication. From blogs, social media postings and newsletters, to pictures, videos and podcasts, great content is always in demand. And if you have a cause to promote via digital channels, you have to know how to create content, or, if you hire someone else to do it, you have to know how to evaluate it. This session is focused on what effective content looks like, how to write headlines, how to begin an article and how to keep the reader engaged through psychological triggers. At the end we’ll also dip our feet into Canva – a revolutionary online design tool — and learn how you can quickly create high quality graphics to complement your texts, without having to be a designer.

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